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Kerene Moore 2024
for 15th District Court Judge

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In 2023, Kerene served as a part-time referee

hearing juvenile and negligence cases.

"I started my career representing hundreds of Washtenaw County community members who could not afford an attorney. I’ve fought for civil rights, stopped countless evictions, stabilized families, advocated for crime victims, and challenged unjust legal decisions. My experience is in the courtroom, behind the bench, and on the ground in the community. I embrace our justice system and if elected, my commitment to you is that I will work hard to get it right. I would not just serve, I would stand for fair access to justice for everyone."

Kerene has strong support from progressive elected officials and community leaders

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About the 15th District Court

The 15th District Court includes the City of Ann Arbor in Washtenaw County. The District Court has jurisdiction over civil lawsuits that are less than $25,000.00, landlord-tenant, criminal and traffic offenses that are punishable by less than one year, small claims cases, city ordinance violations, traffic/state civil infractions, and felony preliminary examinations. It has three treatment courts: sobriety, mental health, and veterans.


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